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Danielle C.

Lead Stylist/Master Colourist/Network Educator

It was the year 1999 (I know, forever ago, right?), in the land of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia; Danielle braved the hair industry. She continued through her career loving all things natural and soft (including cats and…reptiles?). Originally veering toward the chemistry of cosmetics, Danielle faced a shift of her perception towards the hair industry. Impacted by working in hair shows with masters of the craft of hair, she witnessed the brunt of the hair world and couldn’t resist the urge to be part of it. By proper communication and building and a solid plan, she strives to create effortless morning hair for every client. Being our network educator, Danielle frequents NYC as well as many barbering, master colourist and matrix cutting and colouring courses. In 2010 Danielle reached out to the CROP team and couldn’t help but notice we all shared like-minded respects for our craft and a sense of pride in being intuitive and passionate – she then moved to Red Deer to fulfil her craving (for food and hair – not to be combined!) to learn and explore.

“I identify as a beauty enhancer. We all possess beauty, and I love to acknowledge that beauty and craft your hairstyle wishes around it.”

Keep in touch with Danielle via instagram  @derniella


Sr. Stylist

Considering her job title as a “daymaker” Dyawn is enthused by the Bumble products intertwined with the bright and airy scene she helps us create here at CROP. Being honest, open and comforting – she’s sure to make your day within minutes; even before walking out with a style that get your shine on and accentuates the beauty you really have! Dawn’s been makin’ days since 2003, starting off her proud people-loving career in Calgary. Taking several colour classes; travelling to places like Mississauga and Montreal, and working backstage with Mode Models at fashion shows, she’s grateful that her experiences have lead her to meeting so many interesting people. Creating a daily lesson through artwork, family and the outdoors for herself, shes joined us from 2015 on to continue her found confidence and passion. If your new do’ wasn’t enough of an upper, it’s time to meet your daymaker



“Moving to Red Deer and joining the CROP team has inspired me to reach new milestones in my career.”

Danni, hairstyling since 2010, loves all transformation based aspects of the hair industry. By taking constant focus on scientific ‘behind the scenes’ (yes, science is cool), creative networking and hands-on cut and colouring; she in constantly strengthening and reworking her spot-on cuts and colours. You can find Danni stoking a fire at a campground, being stoked on the slopes or taking out her mommy aggression with a bat…on a baseball (most of the time…just kidding) – but mostly behind her chair soaking in the chill vibes, great education and team oriented atmosphere. We gained this peppy curly-Q in 2017 – and never looked back. Educating herself through straight razor, barbering, colouring (blonde and freehand focus), we are stoked to pronounce you stylist and client!

Keep in touch with Danni via instagram  @dlowehair



In 2015 Megan decided that she wanted to make the switch from client to stylist at CROP. Using Bumble before it was cool; she already knew what the best-of-the-best felt like o her scalp from a client perspective!  Taking her post secondary at the prestigious Eveline Charles Academy, she commuted and committed to her craft in every way – everyday!

“I was a client at CROP for years and knew before I started hair school I wanted to work here”

Don’t let her 2 large breed dogs, avid fly fishing and camping lifestyle deter you – Megan takes beautiful, fresh and natural hair very seriously. Along with fashion colours, she sees the technique and care for freehand lightening and natural looks as a whole new pond to fish from (and believe us she knows her fish!). Learning everyday from her coworkers, she connects with her clients with intention to keep a comfortable experience and style result. Taking barbering, freehand colour and blonde colour courses, Megan saddles up and knocks her clients off their feet (just like her dogs do when they greet her from a satisfying day at the shop! (Seriously…they’re bigger than she is). Megan keeps a huge focus on technical and chemistry based decisions when it comes to forming a plan for each individual client,tailoring to exactly what you need! Always bouncing ideas off of her colleague helps Megan keep herself innovative and inspired to be efficient and excel. This overachiever don’t just give her dogs the best life to live – she’ll give you the best style to live with!

Keep in touch with Megan via instagram  @hairbymegankroon
Megan is on temporary leave right now.  We eagerly await her return, whereupon she will be welcomed with open arms.



Melanie’s love of hair began at a young age, she was so eager to start her career as a hairstylist she finished high school early and started doing hair prior to her graduation. 2016 was a busy year for her as she kick started her career while also graduating high school!

Being in this industry Mel has taken the time to find what she’s really passionate about from balayage to men’s cuts and even perms! (Yes! You heard it right, Perms!) She loves making her clients happy and meeting new people each and everyday! Also,  maintaining a good solid relationship with her clients is an added bonus.

On her off time Mel loves being with her family and friends, she also loves spending time with her pup Caliber! Spending quality time out in the West Country with her close family is one of the highlights of her week.

Keep in touch with Mel via Instagram @beautymarksbym

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