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Lead Stylist/Master Colourist/Network Educator

It was the year 1999 (I know, forever ago, right?), in the land of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia; Danielle braved the hair industry. She continued through her career loving all things natural and soft (including cats and…reptiles?). Originally veering toward the chemistry of cosmetics, Danielle faced a shift of her perception towards the hair industry. Impacted by working in hair shows with masters of the craft of hair, she witnessed the brunt of the hair world and couldn’t resist the urge to be part of it. By proper communication and building and a solid plan, she strives to create effortless morning hair for every client. Being our network educator, Danielle frequents NYC as well as many barbering, master colourist and matrix cutting and colouring courses. In 2010 Danielle reached out to the CROP team and couldn’t help but notice we all shared like-minded respects for our craft and a sense of pride in being intuitive and passionate – she then moved to Red Deer to fulfil her craving (for food and hair – not to be combined!) to learn and explore.

“I identify as a beauty enhancer. We all possess beauty, and I love to acknowledge that beauty and craft your hairstyle wishes around it.”

Keep in touch with Danielle via instagram  @derniella


Lead Stylist

Lindsey came to CROP and embraced her natural self and organic techniques in 2012. Starting her craft in 2010, she has ventured all over to keep herself inspired and educated. Taking cutting, colouring, and barbering classes; and helping backstage, she expanded her horizons several times in New York, London (England), Texas and all over Alberta. With her eye on the prize, she is slowly working towards trying out to be a candidate with Bumble and Bumble at New York Fashion Week. CROP has always been inspiring for Lindsey because the salon focuses on legitimate, lifestyle-based hair. Lindsey finds the most pride in showing her clients that they have amazing features and don’t need to spend hours in the mirror to accentuate them (go ahead – press snooze one more time).

“My job is to style your hair, every morning, even though I’m not there. Self styling hair is important to my lifestyle, so I’d like to make it part of everyone’s life.”

Lindsey focuses on giving her clients what they need: low maintenance, lived in hair (and sometimes a shoulder to cry on). Creating an organic flow in the hair helps show her clients that less is more; be humble (with bumble) as you style – stay humble through the day. Lindsey’s at-home life often consists of a power struggle with her 17 lb. pug, so she avoids the struggle when it comes to morning styling – all in a days work and a good haircut! Cultivate great texture, great spirit and great hair; your mind and body will thank you!

Keep in touch with Lindsey via instagram  @bustedpumpkin


Sr. Stylist

Considering her job title as a “daymaker” Dyawn is enthused by the Bumble products intertwined with the bright and airy scene she helps us create here at CROP. Being honest, open and comforting – she’s sure to make your day within minutes; even before walking out with a style that get your shine on and accentuates the beauty you really have! Dawn’s been makin’ days since 2003, starting off her proud people-loving career in Calgary. Taking several colour classes; travelling to places like Mississauga and Montreal, and working backstage with Mode Models at fashion shows, she’s grateful that her experiences have lead her to meeting so many interesting people. Creating a daily lesson through artwork, family and the outdoors for herself, shes joined us from 2015 on to continue her found confidence and passion. If your new do’ wasn’t enough of an upper, it’s time to meet your daymaker.


Sr. Stylist
Michelle became one of CROP’s valued psychologi…..I mean stylists in 2017 after coming to the conclusion that we were all about what she’s all about: being her clients’ confident and having them trust her with their hair (lives). Learning from each client every day, she loves every single aspect of the craft of hairdressing – and therapy. Starting off early, in 1998 (when perms were high demand and cellphones didn’t exist…just kidding – but not really), Michelle knew her passion lay in a salon and started working in Leduc as an assistant. As her motivation carried her through pre-educator, extended cutting and colouring and hairstylist psychology classes and helped her understand the dynamic roll we, as stylists, play in people’s lives; how we shape not only their hair but who they are or who they want to be. Between travelling, training, running and mothering 2 children, Michelle still has enough energy to put her all into your experience on a physical level and a mental level (how much energy doe this girl have?). As she runs her marathons, she’ll coach you through your marathon of life and beauty – connecting with her clients and always learning new techniques. Michelle doesn’t just roll with great hair, she runs with it!

Keep in touch with Michelle via instagram   @michelledoupe



“Moving to Red Deer and joining the CROP team has inspired me to reach new milestones in my career.”

Danni, hairstyling since 2010, loves all transformation based aspects of the hair industry. By taking constant focus on scientific ‘behind the scenes’ (yes, science is cool), creative networking and hands-on cut and colouring; she in constantly strengthening and reworking her spot-on cuts and colours. You can find Danni stoking a fire at a campground, being stoked on the slopes or taking out her mommy aggression with a bat…on a baseball (most of the time…just kidding) – but mostly behind her chair soaking in the chill vibes, great education and team oriented atmosphere. We gained this peppy curly-Q in 2017 – and never looked back. Educating herself through straight razor, barbering, colouring (blonde and freehand focus), we are stoked to pronounce you stylist and client!

Keep in touch with Danni via instagram  @dlowehair



In 2015 Megan decided that she wanted to make the switch from client to stylist at CROP. Using Bumble before it was cool; she already knew what the best-of-the-best felt like o her scalp from a client perspective!Taking her post secondary at the prestigious Eveline Charles Academy, she commuted and committed to her craft in every way; everyday!

“I was a client at CROP for years and knew before I started hair school I wanted to work here”

Don’t let her 2 large breed dogs, avid fly fishing and camping lifestyle deter you – Megan takes beautiful, fresh and natural hair very seriously. Along with fashion colours, she sees the technique and care for freehand lightening and natural looks as a whole new pond to fish from (and believe us she knows her fish!). Learning everyday from her coworkers, she connects with her clients with intention to keep a comfortable experience and style result. Taking barbering, freehand colour and blonde colour courses, Megan saddles up and knocks her clients off their feet (just like her dogs do when they greet her from a satisfying day at the shop! (Seriously…they’re bigger than she is). Megan keeps a huge focus on technical and chemistry based decisions when it comes to forming a plan for each individual client,tailoring to exactly what you need! Always bouncing ideas off of her colleague helps Megan keep herself innovative and inspired to be efficient and excel. This overachiever don’t just give her dogs the best life to live – she’ll give you the best style to live with!

Keep in touch with Megan via instagram  @hairbymegankroon



Since 2016, Shayna has embarked on her hair journey, becoming “scumbassador” certified at barbering courses (I promise there’s actually not scummy business), on top of multiple Schwarzkopf colour and EVO cutting classes. A fast learner; she has created so many amazing styles and is always aching for more knowledge to mend her clients’ achy break (hair) hearts. In 2017 she hopped on the boat with us to embellish the confidence in her clients and finding their natural beauty. As CROP helps her embrace her individuality, she hopes to show clients to embrace themselves, too. Being open to always moving forward, Shayna is very passionate about the art of blondes (without being blonde about her techniques 😉 ). Her cat, Salem, and enjoying the outdoors lead her through life to her turning point in her career, after trading aesthetics for hair. Shayna’s no Buffy, but she can slay blonde hair any day (no vampires here!).

Keep in touch with Shayna via Instagram @spaghettifever


General Manager

In 2017, Paula was working away when our new owner asked her to leave it all and take CROP on. That’s right – we had a new big bad boss (the shock! The horror!…just kidding – all smiles here). Being an Albertan for 30 years after living as a Vancouverite and deciding to put some shoes on – some cowboy boots to be exact – and move on and forward. Paula is our jack-of-all-trades; having worked in management for years, amongst several other office jobs and a variety of hobbies. Through all of the hiking, kayaking and playing fetch with one of her cats (yeah, she a dog but that one doesn’t really like to bring the ball back) wasn’t completely cutting it for Paula, so she decided to take CROP on. She instantly noticed the truly unique team oriented dynamic that the staff and salon already had and couldn’t stand not to help build us up even more. This whole-hearted boss claims she’s never seen a team that cares so much about the salon as a whole as much as the singular (high-five, am I right?!). Although she loves the beach, she loves our atmosphere and is always there for her staff in every way (yes – therapy too). Coming into the hair industry with a free perspective, she saw that Bumble and Bumble has amazing intentions and high standards, just like she does. You might find Paula behind the scenes, or in our chairs learning how to curl her hair (yeah, you heard that right), but when you find her – you’ll know what we mean when we say she’s our support and biggest fan.

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